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….for a better understanding of the people and Medjugorje country!

The story of Medjugorje is much older than the story of the apparition of Our Lady in Medjugorje. What is the country’s background where “Heaven came down to earth…” and who are the people who live there, what is their history, cultural and religious heritage, and why they hold on so firmly to their faith despite the horrible troubles it caused them?

Medjugorje guides will give you a comprehensive presentation of the history of Medjugorje village & parish and the history of the apparitions of Gospa! To better understand the country, you will need to explore the surroundings and “meet” the circumstances that played an important role in the lives of the people of Medjugorje.

Herzegovina as a southern part of the country Bosnia and Herzegovina, offers amazing natural attractions, “a beautiful work of God,” monasteries & churches, oriental old towns, and architectural masterpieces in Mostar, like the bridge from the 16th century, middle-age towers and fortresses all over the country that today witness devastating clashes between cultures of East and West!

We can offer various itineraries that will match your interests and curiosity. This can be an excellent restaurant & wine tasting to excellent local cuisine often inspired by the oriental influence. This can be a visit to the local natural attractions, rivers, and waterfalls, kayaking along the green & smooth rivers, visiting the archeological museums, or visiting monasteries that are, for the people of Herzegovina, of great religious and cultural importance.



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Excursion to local historically and culturally important places, like Franciscan Monastery in Siroki Brijeg, with a tragic story of Franciscans murdered by communists after WWII. Here we will celebrate Holy Mass and get a better insight into the importance of places like this for Catholics in this country. On the same tour, we will have wine tasting & good local snacks, cheese & prosciutto, and visit a little „wonder of nature“ waterfalls, Kravice, before returning to Medjugorje - the duration of the excursion is 6  hours.

 The excursion includes wine tasting, lunch with drinks, entrance fees to Waterfalls Kravica, an AC tour coach, local guid

Excursion to the regional capital Mostar, a town that owes its existence to the bridge! To a beautiful stone bridge, we will see there is from 1566 and is a focal point and the heart of the old Mostar! Besides the very oriental part of the Old Town, we will also see the impressive Franciscan church of St. Peter and Paul! After Holy Mass and about 1,5 hours of a visit here, we will continue visiting the local winery. We will have a chance to enjoy the flavors of Herzegovina, sun, stone, olives, grapeswine, and the country where every open heart visitor is most welcomed by genuine, hard-working people who have lived off the same land for centuries. People who remain faithful to their traditional values, family & faith will greet us with the best their land can offer!
We will have a chance to enjoy the little nature wonder – waterfalls Kravice!  The duration of the excursion will be 8 - 9 hours.

The excursion includes wine tasting, lunch with drinks, entrance fees to Waterfalls Kravica, an AC tour coach, local guid

Excursion to the Siroki Brijeg is probably the essence of the strength of the faith of the local population in Herzegovina in Jesus Christ. The touching story of the sacrifice of the Franciscans murdered by the communist army after the "liberation" of the town. They also liberated, by burning down, the Library, the school, and all church registry books on newborns and those who died in the last over a hundred years...
Here in Siroki, we will have lunch in a beautiful setting by the source of river Lištica (possibly it could be Koćuša) and local dishes surrounded by fascinating nature...On the same day, we will visit the Tihaljina church with the famous statue of Our Lady...later on, we will be back in Medjugorje.

The duration of the excursion will be about 6 hours.

The excursion includes lunch with drinks, a visit to Siroki Brijeg church, Tihaljina, an AC tour coach, local guide

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